Education Is the Single Most Important Factor in the Development of a Country

Today, many developed as well as developing countries acknowledge that education is paramount to the development of a nation. Education creates an intelligent and skillful population that will be the future of a country. Experts working on ways in which underdeveloped countries can jump-start their economies, on their list of priorities, list education as a […]

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Ecotourism means engaging in tourism by visiting areas that are termed as pristine, protected and fragile. Ecotourism is done for different purposes among them fostering respect for other traditions, educating tourists and to benefit local communities economically (Garana, 2008). The primary benefits of ecotourism are the protection of flora and fauna, environmental conservation and improving […]

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Introduction A shopping mall is a place where people come to buy various goods, commodities, consumables, luxury items along with other functions such as dining and entertainment. Today, considering the stiff competition in the market, it is essential to analyze the success factors that would be needed to build a perfect shopping mall. If I […]

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Abstract Robotization is the automation of a task in a manner that will deem human labor useless. This is resulting into poverty. Main body Robotization is taking place all over the world. More machines are been put to work than laborers. Machines have proven that they are more reliable and faster compared to workers. In […]

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Destruction of World Forests

The planet is supported by the forest cover around the world. Unfortunately, the forests are being exploited every day, reducing the amount of forest cover. There are causes of the destruction of the world’s forests, i.e. natural causes like fire and the human activities like deforestation. Natural causes The fire has been one of the […]

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Overseas Studies

Studying in foreign university brings joy and motivation to students from upcoming nations especially from Africa and the Middle East (Altbach, 2015). However, diversities in culture and aspects of inferiority complex sometimes affect the performance of a significant number of scholars during pieces of training (Davey, 2005). Notably, this paper highlights the importance of studying […]

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