November 1, 2016

What would be the best way to end bullying in my school?

For generations and generations bullying in my school have proved to be a thorn in the flesh. Despite the numerous efforts that have been made to curb this menace little or no improvement has been achieved so far.This can be attributed to the counter measures that have been used in the past. Most of the times harsh punishments have been used on the bullies but this from an expert point of view has not only made the problem to be persistent but also created hardcore criminals who after school continue to bully and terrorize innocent citizens (DePino, 2009).


Many have the opinion that the best way to address this problem is by the school to establish a special forum where students, teachers and parents interacts to figure out why bullying happens and when it happens in school. Victimization of the bullies should be avoided at all cost instead continuous professional guidance and counselling should be offered to them. This will them accept that they have a problem that need to be looked into (Bosworth & Judkins, 2014). Through proper counselling sessions and follow up programs, causes for the bullying behavior can be identified and right prevention strategies developed.

The school should work on establishing a school culture of that advocates for acceptance, tolerance, equality and respect to all (, 2015). Inclusive and positive social interactions should be encouraged amongst the students. This will help the student see the essence of harmonious living in the school.

Finally to stop bullying from resurfacing in future, the school should come up with a mission statement, code of conduct, rules and regulations, and a bullying reporting strategy. This will enhance an environment where bullying is unacceptable vice.

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