October 21, 2016



Robotization is the automation of a task in a manner that will deem human labor useless. This is resulting into poverty.

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Robotization is taking place all over the world. More machines are been put to work than laborers. Machines have proven that they are more reliable and faster compared to workers. In offices, people are working with computers and laptops. At home refrigerators and washing machines have been put in place. Previously, workers were responsible for all the paper work at the offices and washing clothes at home. This means that job opportunities are diminishing for the workers. No work means no pay therefore poverty emerges.

Robots are known to perform more dangerous tasks such as disarming a bomb. Humans can therefore no longer be used to do this task. As you are aware, manual labor is time consuming. Files that could take days to organize can be done within a few minutes by a computer. This means that traditional management skills are out of the picture and are being replaced by scientific methods. This is therefore creating poverty worldwide.

The improvement in technology has brought about many changes in all industrial sectors. In the past, man used a simple agricultural tool to plough his land. With the increased robotization, machines are now being used in the farms such as the land plough. The machine is very effective but has deprived many of the manual laborers work. It is unfortunate that the people who are affected by the rise of technology are the less educated.

This is because these people rely on manual jobs to earn a living. But due to time changes, they are no longer required. Automatically they end up poor.

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