October 19, 2016

Destruction of World Forests

The planet is supported by the forest cover around the world. Unfortunately, the forests are being exploited every day, reducing the amount of forest cover. There are causes of the destruction of the world’s forests, i.e. natural causes like fire and the human activities like deforestation.


Natural causes

The fire has been one of the main reason the destruction of forests around the world (Trumbauer, 2005). In countries like Australian forest fires are common during specific periods of the year. A lot of heat from the sun makes the forest covers to dry and in some cases may start fires. Forest fires have affected the ecosystem of the forest, and in many cases, some animal and plant species may be lost in the process.

Human activities

Use charcoal as fuel, as led to the destruction of world forests. Humans cut down these trees to make charcoal oblivious of the destruction that they are causing to the world forest cover. Also due to industrialization, many countries need more space to settle the growing number of people. The result is the destruction of forests to settle the excess population (Parker, 2003).

These activities have had adverse effects on the balance of the ecosystem. Soil erosion is one of the big issues resulting from the destruction of forests. The silt from the erosion is swept into the rivers and other water bodies. Thus, there is a decrease in the quality of clean water. Lack of clean water will lead to poor health among the population. Thus, there is a need to protect our forests from destruction. The effects of destroying the world forests will be much worse than protecting them.

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