October 27, 2016

Education Is the Single Most Important Factor in the Development of a Country

Today, many developed as well as developing countries acknowledge that education is paramount to the development of a nation. Education creates an intelligent and skillful population that will be the future of a country. Experts working on ways in which underdeveloped countries can jump-start their economies, on their list of priorities, list education as a key factor for the progress of a nation (Glewwe, 2013). In fact, education tops the list. Education is thus fundamental to the development of a country.


Educating the population of a country helps in generating expertise and skills. The development of these skills in turn helps in improving job preparedness in the society. Educated individuals are at a better position to get employment in sectors of the economy that are critical to the growth of a nation (Paci & Serneels, 2007). Moreover, educated people that do not get employed venture into self-employment thus creating more jobs in the country. Self-employed educated individuals also generate considerable amounts of financial resources for the country (Parker, 2004).

Education also plays a crucial function in cultivating rational thinking among people in a country. The educated population has extensive points of view and positive thinking, and they are encouraged to turn away from many evils like superstition and uncivilized attitudes and adapt themselves to the shifting global environment. A country with literate and progressive population can also ensure better health index for its people and thus attain the objectives of prosperity.

In conclusion, education is a significant parameter of progress but it is not the only aspect that fosters the development. For a nation to be fully developed, education alone cannot guarantee prosperity. It has to be accompanied by such factors such as the preparedness of the local population to adapt and pursue the culture that aid in the development and stable government policies (Olla, 2012). Education, however, is the exclusive and the most efficient form of approach for a lasting development in the long-term.

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