November 3, 2016

Factors Related to Academic Success in High Schools

High school is undoubtedly a significant period in young people’s lives. Consequently, social and personal factors greatly contribute to academic success.

Although several personal factors do contribute to academic achievement, a critical one is a strong resolve and willpower. The student needs to be self-controlled in the first place. Secondly, the student must have an aim and desire. Perhaps to explain, desire means that a student enjoys grasping new concepts. The student aims to obtain a higher education, which is significant in getting a rewarding and stimulating job (Demerath, 2009). Finally, a student who wishes to excel at studies should be studious, delightful, and hardworking. Perhaps it is also important not to miss daily lessons.


Besides, social factors also play an important role in the academic success of high school students. A favorable family environment provides support, encouragement, and love for the student. What is more, it instills strong discipline and great ambition in a child. Besides, as the child reaches adolescent, peer pressure starts playing an important role in their lives as well. The friendship they develop at this sensitive stage can affect their attitude towards authorities, studies, and the society (Demerath, 2009).

Moreover, the school they attend is an integral factor in the academic success of the student. The teachers, facilities used, and instructional methods are some factors that determine academic success in terms of the level of motivation and support given (Chenoweth, K. (2007).

In conclusion, success in high school is a product of many factors such as family, friends, peers and early academic foundation. If a student works hard and does his or her best to achieve academic excellence, they will be industrious to the society.

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