January 16, 2017

“Ice Age” Movie Review

I want to talk about the film, entitled “Ice Age”. Chris Wedge directs the film. Produced by Christopher Meledandri and Lori Forte. The budget for the film is $ 60 million.

Now, about the films plot. We transfer to prehistoric times, when people cannot speak. The land under the authority of a mammoth. At that time, it seems to reduce the risk of ice age.


At the beginning of the film, we see many animals going south. However, some animals such as the mammoth Manfred (voice) Ray Romano prefer to live in ice. Mammoth is very friendly, fair, but lonely.

The second hero Ermine “ermine” Sid (voice of John Leguizamo). He is very sociable, Manfred called a dreadful chatter. Despite its small size, it survives in prehistoric times. Sid meets Manfred the mammoth and protects him. Sid Manfred other.

The people in this film uses images as a means of communication.

Heroes Next Soto, the leader of the Tiger group. The orders Diego Soto, who is one of the Tigris, to bring him international child.

After the attack of the colony Diego, mother with the child jumping from the waterfall. Mother dies, but her baby has survived. Manfred and Sid protect the child and decide to wear it for the rest of the settlers. Tiger Diego with them, he will lead them to the Tiger group, but he has compassion for Manfred and Sid and becomes his friend. Later protects Diego de Soto friends.

The end of the story is very sentimental. Friends bring the child to his father and come back.

The film is full of humor. The main protein humor man, but it does not communicate with the main plot of the film. That makes many funny situations. I think this film is a masterpiece of computer graphics. To my mind with the children in each family, this type of film must be visible.

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