January 26, 2017

Imaginative thinking and phantasy

The images that are used by, and created by people play not only directly perceived. Before a person can appear in pictures, and that is not directly perceived, and what was not, and what cannot be. This just means that not every process that occurs in images can be understood as a process of reproduction because people learn not only the world, change and look at and transform. However, to put reality into practice, it is necessary to be able to do so mentally. Fulfills this need and imagination. Imagination – is the most important aspect of our lives. If we imagine for a moment that a man would not have imagination. We lost almost all the scientific discoveries and artworks that produced images from the greatest writers and designer inventions. The children would not have heard the stories and would not be able to play many games. In addition, how could they absorb the curriculum without imagination? Thanks to the imagination of man creates reasonable plan their activities and manages them. Almost all human material and spiritual culture is a product of the imagination and creativity of the people. Imagination takes man over his current existence, reminds him of the past, and opens the future. Along with a decrease in the ability of a person to imagine is impoverished person, less opportunities for creative thinking, from interest in art and science. Imagination is the highest mental function and reflects the reality. However, with the help of the imagination, it made a mental retreat over the directly perceived. Its main task – before its execution the expected results should be displayed. With imagination has formed at the time of an object, location, circumstances, and the image of nonexistent or nonexistent. Easier to say – deprive human imagination and stop progress! Then the imagination and fantasy are the highest, and the need for a human ability. However, patterned, as well as any form of intellectual reflection, they should have a positive direction of development. It should contribute to a better understanding of the world, self-discovery and self-improvement of the individual and not just too passively into a dream with open eyes, the dreams of real life.


The imagination, in general, and the creative imagination, in particular plays an important role in all areas of human activity. The actor’s creative activity appears on the stage and is in the plane of the imagination (stage created to the fantasy life, fiction). “The game, a role – says Stanislawski – a science fiction writer, is the magic number, and other” if “,” certain circumstances “invented by them.” They also suffer as if he had wings, the actor of the reality of our days in the picture plane. It also points out: “The artist has the task and his creative technique is to make the game into a true story artistic theatrical fiction.” In any game is not very finish telling. Says little about what happened to the actor before the game. Often we do not know that the actor made between the files. Remarks author also makes a clear (rose and left, crying and so on.). All this must be integrated into the fiction of the artist, imagination. Therefore, the most developed imagination and the imagination of the actor, Stanislavski insisted deeply the more far into the work of the artist and his work.

Imagination – a special form of mind that can only be one person. It is continuously linked with the human ability to transform the world to transform reality and create a new one. Gorky was right to say, “it is a fiction people raised above the animals,” because only a person who is transformed as a social being, the world, real imagination. With fancy, a person can live in another time that no other living thing in the world can afford. The past is recorded in the image memory and the future is represented in dreams and fantasies. Imagination creates something new, change; transform what is given to the perception. These changes and transformations can be expressed in the fact that a person, who is based on knowledge and experience, imagine a picture of what is actually seen. For example, a message about space travel will draw our fantasy images for their fantastic oddities of life in weightlessness, in an environment of stars and planets. Imagination can anticipate the future to create a picture, a picture of what does not exist. Therefore, the astronauts could imagine in the head, fly into space and land on the moon, if it was only a dream, not yet implemented, and it is not known whether this is feasible. The imagination can finally do this and this deviation from the reality that creates a fantastic image, deviates clearly from reality. In this case, it reflects to some extent this reality. In addition, the imagination of the more fruitful and valuable than it is largely, transforming reality and deviating from it still takes into account its essential aspects and the most important features. S. Rubinstein wrote: “Imagination – a departure from the experience of the past, it is on this basis and the conversion of the creation of new images.” L. Vygotsky believed that “the imagination, the experiences we have gathered so far, and some new series of previously accumulated experiences.” So you can add a new experience in our experience, and this change so that the result is a new no “According to E. Ignatiev,” the main feature of the process is imagination and work and training history to convert information materials, to create a new concept. “This is the basis of the activities we call imagination. A “dictionary of philosophy” defines the imagination as “the ability to create new sensory or mental images in the human mind derived from reality based on the transformation of impressions.” Many researchers say that the imagination is a process of creating new images that flow in visual terms. This trend refers to the phantasy forms of sensory reflection, while others believe that the imagination not only produces new sensual images, but also produces new ideas.

Imagination plays a big role in the life of men. Thanks to the imagination of man creates reasonable plan their activities and manages them. Almost all human material and spiritual culture is a product of the imagination and creativity of the people. Imagination plays a great role for the development and improvement of the human species. It takes a person about his current existence, reminds him of the past, and opens the future. With imagination, one can “live” at different times, which no other being in the world can afford. The past is recorded in the memory of the resurrected images by accidental will effort; the future will be represented in dreams and fantasies. Imagination is the primary spatial visualization capabilities that allow a person to navigate the situation and solve the problem without the direct intervention of intervention. It helps significantly in life, if the action is impossible, difficult, or simply not desired. From perception, which is the process of recording and processing information from another person in the brain through the senses, and that includes the creation of images, the imagination is different, that his images do not always correspond to reality, elements of imagination and fiction. How should we understand the imagination and imagination of the show? Fantasia – a mental representation, introduces us to the extraordinary circumstances and conditions, we did not, do not worry and do not see that we have not had and have not been in reality. Imagination casts the experience or video us is familiar to us. The imagination and can create a new view, but from an ordinary phenomenon of real life. As Stanislawski said, “Imagination not only for the artist also create, but the already created, updating is necessary, this is made by the introduction of a new fiction or individual details, it refreshing”. According to the theater a role At times the game will have to play, and that does not lose its freshness, trepidation – we need a new invention of the imagination.

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