November 7, 2016

Key to success in Today’s World


Life is a channel that depends on many components. Every individual seeks to have the best life ever. Therefore, one is obliged to do everything that will see them succeed in life. The old saying posits that education is the key to life. This implies that with education, one has the possibility of succeeding in his living. The question that lingers in many people’s minds and which is the main purpose of this paper is: Do you need a high school diploma or college degree to be successful today? Why or why not?


As many people strive to hit the highest level of education, does it matter or equivalent to their success in life. To some extent, the response to this concern is yes, and to some degree it is a big NO. A high school diploma or a college degree are all papers earned after some time of training (Lane, 2013). In the current world, getting a degree or a college rather than depending on merit, it also depends on the financial muscles of an individual. Are you able to afford College education? Yes. Then you can get an admission even if you failed in high school.

This, therefore, indicates that bright students from poor families fail to get such degrees due to lack of finances. However, we see them being very innovative and come up with ideas that shape the world. Besides, most of the employees look for creative and innovative workers. With or without college degree one needs to be very inventive, get hands-on experience to succeed in life (Johnson, 2013).

Finally, let us not refute the fact that cracking higher scales of education is not beneficial. It is imperative since it makes one mature and be able to understand the environment that surrounds him or her very well, which also adds value to life.

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