June 13, 2017

Learn How to Compose a Literature Review


What is academic review of literature?

The form of literature review has an ability to alter within the boundaries of various disciplines and assignments.

There are times when one can present the review as a complete thing – grounds of interest in a preface or primary research. Often, they require the review as a compulsory element for researches of various kinds, separate dissertation chapters, and chapters in theses papers.

In general, the review’s aim lies in critical evaluation of a publication section with the help of literary works’ reviews, overview of previous researches in the sphere, and comparison. When writing a review, remember about the above-mentioned material.

Composing Introductory Paragraphs

For the cases when you concern yourself with the introductory paragraphs, your task is to:

  • Examine the topic in details, providing a proper structure for the specific literature review.
  • Mention total trends concerning everything, which was published in point of the topic; or challenges in the field of theoretical and methodological approaches, evidence, and conclusion; or omissions in terms of research and scholarship; or leading edge perspective of instant interest together with single problems.
  • Present reasons of an author concerning the review of literature; give an explanation for criteria applied when you analyze and compare literature and the organization of review; and, if important, condition why certain literary works are added or not added. When you experience some difficulties doing all this, do not be shy and ask for academic writing help. Reviews are not the easiest assignment to fulfill.

Composing Main Body

Here, it is important to:

  • Classify scientific studies together with other kinds of literary works (capstone projects, articles, reports, etc.) in obedience to ordinary markers like qualitative and quantitative approaches, conclusions made by an author, particular objective or aim, chronology, and so on.
  • Suggest some powerful “umbrella” sentences when starting paragraphs and short “so what” summing phrases in order to assist in comprehending comparisons together with analyses.

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Composing Conclusions

When you are engaged in writing conclusions, you have to:

  • Sum up important efforts of considerable researches and articles to the given body of knowledge, and keep the main focus set in the introduction part.
  • Define the current “state of the art” intended for the body of knowledge under review, indicating significant theory and findings inconsistencies, gaps linked with methodology in research, and areas important for the future studies.
  • Deduce an inference by means of presenting some insight into the connection between the central topic of literary works review and more substantial research area such as scientific endeavor, profession, discipline, etc.

You have written nearly all parts of the review, but you feel that writing a conclusion can be too much for you? If yes, do not hesitate over the matter and try to find an appropriate paper writing service. Review writing can become easier when consulting with professionals in the sphere. Follow this link to know more about reviews:

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